psi is new chapter in the work of self determination that started in 1970 with Incus Records. After leaving Incus I began a long period of working with other independent labels.
I am especially grateful to Leo, FMP, Okka and ECM for the collaborations in this period.

In 2001 I decided to start a new label. Martin Davidson of Emanem agreed to help me - without his support, technical know-how and work it would not be a practical proposition. His own label Emanem and psi are both committed to documenting improvised music. Each label however is very firmly independent of the other in terms of their artistic policy.

Much has changed since 1970!
The LP format with all its attendant technical woes and disappointments has been replaced by CD; although when Nimbus first introduced me to the idea of CD it seemed hopelessly expensive and beyond our reach but gradually the technology and economics have changed markedly in favour of the small independent producer; a whole global culture for improvised music has developed.
Thousands of CDs of hard core improvised music are now available - a cursory glance at Peter Stubley's website will astonish anyone who thinks this music is hard to find.
Obviously neither the idea of free music nor the small musician controlled label are the news they were back then.
As one of the pioneers in the field I am optimistic.

PS I called it psi for all the associations with irrational numbers, golden ratios etc but above all for the Psi phenomena which I am convinced are at the heart of improvised music making.